The Beauty and Benefits of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

One of the most common types of patio furniture found in home across the world is composed of wrought iron. This means the iron was heated and hammered or, due to mass production, molded into a specific form. Wrought iron furniture is incredibly versatile with its look, allowing it to complement almost any backyard patio, deck, or garden. Thankfully, wrought iron furniture can be found in almost every furniture and big box store, with thousands of more merchants selling it online.


Wrought iron patio furniture has a number of specific benefits that makes it a suitable addition to your home, the most important of which being its longevity. If wrought iron furniture is taken care of - a powder-coat finish will help protect it against chipping and scratching while weekly cleanings will help prevent rusting - then you can expect it to last a very long time. It’s also good to note that the heavier the furniture is, the longer it is likely to last, as well as be more resistant to those heavy storms that bring about heavy wind gusts. While plastic furniture might blow away in the wind, you can rest assured that your wrought iron patio furniture won’t budge.

One of the biggest benefits associated with wrought iron furniture is the myriad designs available. Want something simple for your small front porch? A small table and chair set is the way to go? What if you intend to host dinner parties outside? Wrought iron furniture has you covered. It can run the gamut from simple decorative pieces for an evening drink on the patio to beautifully decorated dinner table sets, complete with cushioned chairs and designs right on top of the table. While many pieces of wrought iron furniture are mass produced, some merchants sell handcrafted pieces that are wholly unique. In some instances you may even be able to design and custom order a piece that fits your preferred aesthetic.

You may be thinking that, because it’s made out of wrought iron, the only color you can end up with a dull, drab grey. Not so! Wrought iron can be painted a variety of colors, from a beautiful green to match your garden to a brown to match the wood of your home’s exterior. As an added bonus, you can decorate the chairs of your table set with all manner of colorful cushions and other decorative pieces to help it fit into your home’s particular aesthetic.

Finally, wrought iron furniture is affordable! While handmade and custom sets are more expensive, you can still purchase beautiful mass-produced wrought iron furniture at places like Target and Home Depot for incredibly low prices, with some chair-and-table sets costing as low as $200. Although heavy, they typically come boxed up, with only a little assembly standing between you and a quiet night on the patio enjoying a cold beverage as you watch the sunset.

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Posted on July 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM