Pick Your Fire Pit

Outdoor living also means that you should be able to tolerate the kind of weather that your outdoors would give, hence the need of a fire pit. 

In this industry, fire pits are not just some campfires, they are also treated as outdoor furniture that are part of the area's decorations. Having a good design for such equipment means following the trend and this year, the trend says a lot of crescent shaped and modular kinds. 

Customization of it with large or small items make it interesting, and if it will reflect the usage of space, options should be available! 

Here are some options to choose from: 

Meadowcraft - Modern and curved, this particular firepit is all about the being the whole set. With its otoman, wedge, two-tier tables and a setting that aims to bring interaction among users, this fire pit set is perfect for any social gathering! See more of it at meadowcraft.com

Pride Family Brands - They illustrate a certain theme that is all about being contemporary. The lines, the contrast, and the vintage woven details and the aluminum materials bring that cushioned set to interested parties of a home feel. To know more about their products, visit pridefamilybrands.com

Ancara - Carlisle Curve is giving us a figure that would feature not only style but also comfort. Crescent style and filled with Mahogany Mink weave materials, this comfortable looking furniture set illustrates elegance in its gold highlights. See more of it at: anacaracompany.com

Lane Venture - Fire pits can also be part of a classic garden collection as shown by Raymon Waites in his design of an outdoor furniture set that can be configured. See more of it at Lanecenture.com

AZ Patio Heaters - It shouts out modern in its aluminum fire pit, hammered bronze decorations and its modern square shape. If you are all about looking modern and muscular, this is for you. See more at azpatioheaters.com

Erwin and sons - They launched an interesting collection where seats are configured according to the user's preference. The collection was called Sonoma Collection. See it here: erwinandsons.com

Designing Fire - Is it a table or a fire pit? It's actually both and it slides in perfectly with any set in its featyred hammered copper material in its 42-inch size. It also comes in square shapes. See it here: designingfire.com

Posted by Diane Araga, on October 16, 2013 at 10:00 AM