Pets Get a Special Treatment for Furniture

Chimere believes that even pets need indoor and outdoor furniture too which is why this French start-up has started to introduce a retail brand featuring luxury items for pets, specifically on furniture. 

Pieces are priced as much as 4,000 euros or $5,400 for each furniture, featuring only the high end items that are specifically for luxury and well pampered pets like Parisian poodles. 

Products range from a sofa linen, aluminum and oak based birdcages, litter boxes and a bell shaped fish bowl. The sofas are also comfortable and has designs that also follow trend, within comfortable and durable materials. 

The bank was the first career co-owner Frederic Stouls saw but a glance at the $60 billion pet market changed his paths and into the pet market. 

"Our designs are romantic, they evoke childhood... You can see dogs taking ownership of the kennel straight away," Stouls said.

Louis Vuitton is their primary competition as it offers luxury pet accessories of the same range of prices for both indoor and outdoor. 

They only have an advantage by one as they feature a hotel for dogs, spas and the like. Expansion is also possible in the future where the United States its the next spot to open a shop. 

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Posted by Diane Araga, on October 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM