Blind Makes Furniture Out of Other Senses

Just because he is blind doesn't mean he can't do things and make creative and wonderful furniture. Matthew Cassar believes this so and proves it through his furniture even though he is already out of sight - literally. 

Cassar turned blind just when his first child was about to be born, two months to be exact. The cause of his blindness was out of his cataract, which has spread through his eyes due to the medication incompatible to him. This was a rare case and mind-boggling for a 37-year old man and he wasn't even sure he could get his sight back. 

When his daughter Celina was born, he was given hope and from there he started to do what he wanted again. 

"I wanted to be something for my daughter; I wanted to be someone for her, not just her dad that's blind.It was such a stressful time, I was about to lose everything I had good in my life, everything was about to disappear. I knew I had to get back on my feet but I was depressed and it was hard." he said.

Using his other senses, he began building furniture out of it even if he had no experience. From kitchen party, wardrobe to the sunroom, furniture was all he made. Everyone was astonished and they encouraged him to do more. 

He made a rustic outdoor bench, which is convertible as a table and chair for picnics. He called this furniture a Chable. 

Same materials are used exept for the audio measuring tape. 

"I visualize it in my head and then I build it. People can't believe it when they see me working. That hinge really stumped me, but I wanted (the bench) it to be perfect.I want people to see that no matter what happens, you can still do something meaningful with your life." he said.

Thanks to his wife, everything stayed in track even though they were going through something difficult. 

"It was hard, she was so small and I needed help. I thought his sight would come back, but it never did. I don't see him any differently because he can still do so many things. Anything I want, he can build. The most difficult thing for me is with the baby; he can feel her growing but he can't see how beautiful she is." the wife said. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on October 28, 2013 at 10:00 AM