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Outdoor Furniture Comes Versatile Indoors and Outdoors

Looking like a totally professional home, Jeff Barth's house is purely astonishing in its sleek and modern theme.

Garden Gates and Fermob

The Garden Gates started back in 1999 by Jacqueline Elizabeth Kendall-Harris and Chad Harris. The founders both play an important role for the company as both bring out the best in its furniture design.

Fermob Increases Price Range

Starting August 1, 2013, Fermob patio furniture will be increasing their prices with their outdoor furniture products.

What Decorpro is All About

Home and Garden products and furniture with high quality can be found in one of the Canadian brands imported in the U.S. The brand is called Decorpro, a company specializing in unique innovative items for the outdoors.

What Goedekers is All About

The well known retailer shop called Goedeker is already up for more than six decades already.

Expansion in Furniture Products and Brands in Goedeker

The online retailer shop Goedeker is now expanding its options for customers and is now including Decorpro, an indoor and outdoor furniture brand.

Do you Still Trust Your Catalog?

Nowadays, the furniture industry has grown extensively from showrooms to prints and now online.

The Garden Gates and Artisans Talk about Outdoor Trend

The Garden Gates is just one of the websites that offer good furniture for our outdoor spaces and now they talk about how much the trend has changed since Contemporary Living has been marketed.

Trend Grows Purchases of Furniture

The new summer look for patios and garden furniture are ever changing, thus has allowed homeowners to seek for materials that are higher in value as they look at the function, comfort and style of each furniture.

Franchise Agreement Between US Outdoor Furniture and Asia Classics

The known leading outdoor furniture in the country called Summer Classics has announced its tie up with Asia.

New Spiffy Patio Furniture and Cocktails Available

Dante's is one of those patios in its latest stylish looks this season.

FSC Accredited: Garden Furniture Centre

An award has been presented to The Garden Furniture Centre by FSC Accreditation by Olivia Wood. From Garden benches to outdoor furniture, this brand has certainly grown numerous FSC products and has been recognized.

Best Outdoor Furniture Title Goes to AuthenTeak

Atlanta-based outdoor furniture retailer that focuses on teak and wicker furniture was recently recognized as one of the "Best Outdoor Furniture" by Atlanta Lifestyle Magazine Jezebel.

A Good Outdoor Space Ensures Property Sale

Selling properties entails not only the furniture, the exterior and the location, it is also about having the right garden or an outdoor space where clients can feel their freedom in their own private space.

Summer Sale on Patio Furniture

Patio dining sets and other furniture seem to have been rising in prices as the heat is also rising, good thing there's Access Furniture who offers a sale on their new outdoor items in a contemporary style.

Affordable Upgrades for the Outdoors

There are a ton of ideas how home owners can make their outdoor rooms much beautiful but its also a way to make the pockets dry

DIY Simple Deck

Those tight on the budget need not to wonder how they can bring a simple deck in their backyards because building your own is as simple as 1-2-3. With the help instructions we feature from Foxnews Magazine, D-I-Y decks can now be possible. Just simply follow instructions below:

Outdoor Winter Sale

Summer is here and the good news about this season, aside from the warm weather and the school vacation, is the fact that winter furniture are now on clearance. Outdoor Living Direct gives off their customers a chance to grab their items at a lower price.

$100 Outdoor Furniture to Choose From

Is it time to update your outdoor furniture but tight on the budget? Well here we are to rescue you from your old and useless junk as we present furniture under $100!

DIY Outdoors For Additional Charm

Pallets are everywhere, from social media sites to DIY crafting. It has been a trend for an eco-friendly movement or simply as home projects.

International Casual Furniture Schedules

September Show Schedule Announced by International Casual Furniture and Accessories

All Weatherproof Victorian Garden Collection

HomeThangs.com, an online store for home improvement has given consumers a reason to upgrade their furniture as they introduce their new line of products.

Haskell New Dining Collection

Home Decor design firm Haskell reissues their collection in a rather different outcome bringing in a new finish in their products.

Why are Modern Furniture are Better Than Traditional Ones

Some people think durability can be seen in the old ways but technology nowadays have given us more reason to buy more furniture!

House Beautiful Presents Design Ideas

House Beautiful has given us an idea on how to revamp the home in simple ways and now they have also given us something to play around with for our homes.

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