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85-Year Company Announces Sale

Capitol Lighting continues to give the best lighting products for more than 85 years now and they have announced their summer sale promo on their patio lights, outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, and furniture this summer in their Boca Raton branch.

Maximilian Eicke Launches New Furniture Collection

A young new designer named Maximilian M. Eicke has launched his new set of furniture designs just recently. The celebration was held at the MAX ID NY studio, which was pretty much new too!

When’s the Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture?

Whether it be a midnight sale, a clearance sale, or a new launch, nothing beats summer as the best time of the year to buy your outdoor furniture and materials!

Types of Outdoor Furniture

When making the decision to decorate your outdoor patio, front porch, or garden, careful considerations need to be made in order to choose the right types of furniture. Unfortunately, there are numerous types of outdoor furniture, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. As...

Garden Furniture Led to Smudge-free Touch screens

Who says that garden furniture couldn’t contribute to the tech world? Read on to know what chemical from outdoor furniture can help you clean up and remain smudge free

Bloomfield Township has Pool Furniture Thieves

South Hills Condominiums, found in Bloomfield Township experiences unpleasant incidents regarding thieves and furniture.

When’s the Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture?

When asked about the best time to purchase a product, the answer would typically be “When there’s a clearance sale or a Christmas sale.” But as we study our economy, the best time is really during the summer.

The Very Green Home

HGTV Green Home 2012, found at Serenbe, gives us tips and ideas to create one featuring recycled materials and creative designs.

Choosing a Desert Patio Furniture

The desert is one of the places in the world where heat can get too overwhelming and moist is never a problem. In selecting furniture for this kind of weather, certain factors should be considered such as fabrics, metals, and wood.

Decorating with Vintage Patio Furniture

When you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture, most are inclined to go for more modern items, with modern designs. While these are great for most homes and designs, nothing beats the quality, eye-popping look of vintage patio furniture.

Teak Master Now Offers Ipe Deck Restoration

Exterior wood restoration is the forte of Teak Master for the longest time within Los Angeles County and Orange County. Over 15 years of reviving wood, fixing teak furniture, wood decks, and gazebos, Teak Master has proven to the public that they are the true specialists.

Environmentally Friendly Recycled Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, you really can’t go wrong with the environmentally friendly recycled furniture. The most common of this type of recycled furniture is made of post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning that it is comprised of recycled plastics, such as...

The Beauty and Benefits of Aluminum Patio Furniture

Of the many types of outdoor patio furniture, aluminum, or cast iron aluminum, patio furniture never really gets the recognition it deserves. Despite being incredibly popular, it’s often overshadowed by wrought iron and wooden furniture, though it holds a number of the same benefits...

The Chelsea Flower Show 2012

The year 2012 was special as the Chelsea Flower show was celebrated for the 48th time with Queen Elizabeth attending the said show.

Decorating with Modern Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a wonderful way to add some flair and additional seating to your patio, garden, or back deck. After all, nothing says “relax” like enjoying a cold beer or glass of wine on the patio as the sun sets. But what kind of furniture should you get? Forgoing expensive...

Maintaining Rattan Furniture

The basic rule to keeping your rattan furniture in good shape is to maintain its cleanliness. That’s truly the best part of having weaved and comfortable outdoor furnishings in your patio. In addition, it ages well with the weather and the environment, providing you its purpose...

The Beauty and Benefits of Resin Patio Furniture

Of all the types of patio furniture available to consumers, plastic is one of the more popular, especially among college students and those looking to save a buck. One type of plastic patio furniture is resin, a dough, durable, and weather-resistant material that is sure to last...

The Beauty and Benefits of Wicker Patio Furniture

In the world of patio furniture, wicker furniture has a leg up on the competition. Handcrafted by professionals to give it a distinct yet versatile look, wicker stands up against wrought iron, plastic, and solid wood furniture in a number of ways.

Al Cameron Designs Outdoors With Indoor Concepts

Al Cameron, a designer from Patio and Home, had led the modern outdoor design from the common plastic wares to stylish indoor furniture in the outdoors, revolving around comfort and conversation as the inspiration to design.

The Beauty and Benefits of Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Choosing outdoor patio furniture can be difficult, as there are many different types available. The most common types purchased are wrought iron and solid wood, as they tend to be the most durable and last the longest in a variety of weather conditions. However, one shouldn’t...

The Beauty and Benefits of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

One of the most common types of patio furniture found in home across the world is composed of wrought iron. This means the iron was heated and hammered or, due to mass production, molded into a specific form. Wrought iron furniture is incredibly versatile with its look, allowing...

New Outdoor Fabrics Takes Over Summer Trends

Stitch Custom Furnishings are now offering consumers more options with their wide varieties of products from their new line that is perfect for patios, decks, porches and pool side furniture.

Premiere Adirondack Chairs Offers New Collections

Just this spring of 2012, Premiere Adirondack Chairs had decided to give consumers more options by adding a new line of outdoor furniture from Caluco Furniture.

The Beauty and Benefits of Teak Garden Furniture

When it comes to picking out wood outdoor furniture for your back deck, garden, or patio, the choices can often be overwhelming. In addition to the many different styles and designs available, there are several types of wood available, each of which has its own specific characteristics,...

The Beauty and Benefits of Wooden Garden Furniture

While wrought iron and teak furniture is all well and good, nothing gives your deck or patio a beautiful rustic aesthetic quite like wooden patio furniture. Wooden patio furniture offers a wide variety of choices, and whether you’re looking for something modern and sleek or handcrafted...

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