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Cubicle Outdoors Gives Inside Peak

Cubicle outdoors from various designers and featured by INC., a company handling and selling out the idea of an outdoor office through outdoor furniture called pods.

Perennials Out and About High Performance Rugs

"Walk all over me" as its brochure online states, and they guarantee a fade resistant, stain resistant, mildew resistant, easy to clean and very soft rugs!

Garden Bench Featured and its Benefits

The outdoors is a great place to relax and calm down, even if it is just in your backyard.

Sutherland and Perennials Outdoor Fabrics Moves Office Space

It took Sutherland and Perennials Outdoor Fabrics over six months to decide before they could actually move their office and finally they have accomplished it.

Bamboo Furniture for the Patio

With the goal of achieving an eco friendly environment through organic materials, a bamboo company has introduced patio furniture to the market

More Cubicle Outdoors

In the last post, we've witnessed the amazing cubicle that functions as an office space outdoors in a unique shape. If you found that incredible, here are more of those!

Cool Cubicle, an Outdoor Furniture

This small but amazing cubicle is one of the most efficient things made for the outdoors.

Australian Home Design, Great Outdoor Design Ideas

Around the beachside Perth in Australia, a contemporary designed home catches the attention of many with its accents, lighting, amenities and design.

Palmetto Sectionals Withstands Weather

One versatile piece from Pottery Barn is all it takes to make your outdoor space stylish and feasible to use in all types of weather.

Entertain Guests with Outdoor Pavillion

In the middle of a busy residential neighborhood comes along a very interesting modern outlook on the new and innovative design of a pavillion home.

WaterCabinets for Gardeners

Entitled as the Watercabinet, an innovative designer creates a furniture that makes growing seeds and watering possible

Outdoor Grills Built in and Fire Pit Kits Featured

Western Outdoor Living surprises everyone with their new line of outdoor frills and fire pit kits that states grand and luxurious.

Indoor And Outdoor Fabrics Now Used for Both Areas

In Las Vegas, an entrepreneur proves that outdoor and indoor fabrics can be used both ways by redesigning a house in the area.

Trends Today Changes with Development

Some areas are lucky to have limited seasons and some are unlucky to experience extreme ones.

Blind Makes Furniture Out of Other Senses

Just because he is blind doesn't mean he can't do things and make creative and wonderful furniture.

Pets Get a Special Treatment for Furniture

Chimere believes that even pets need indoor and outdoor furniture too which is why this French start-up has started to introduce a retail brand featuring luxury items for pets, specifically on furniture.

Shade7 Has New Competitive Products

The launch of the new products for Shade7 Ltd. is already out as the new seasons are in.

Oblongs and Other Shapes Conquer the Outdoor Furniture

Areadeclic's designs are certainly to die for this season as they feature a new line of products made modern for the outdoor.

Ow Lee Debuts High Point

High Point areas will now experience the newly introduced fire pits from Ow Lee as they showcase the new Monterra sectional and Casual Fireside fire pits.

Pick Your Fire Pit

Outdoor living also means that you should be able to tolerate the kind of weather that your outdoors would give, hence the need of a fire pit.

The Koverton: Modular and Modern New Product

This new product from Konverton features a convertible furniture that easily folds back into different positions that may suit the user.

Backyard Designs:Making it Flow

Relaxing in your deck or patio is typical as it is an area easy access to anyone

Expanding to Outdoor Living Spaces

The American home is now moving outside its doors and into their patios, yards, decks, lanais and verandas.

ICFA Opened Annual Design Excellence Award to Public

This year was the mark for the International Casual Furnishings Association as it makes its turning point towards public awareness

ICFA Design Excellence Award Attained by Summer Classics

Known premier outdoor furniture leads the industry as they claim the 2013 award from the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) Design Excellence for Lounge Seating with Cushion category.

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